Black Lives Matter

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Black Lives Matter- With the murder of George Floyd, the nation was gripped by sadness and rage. That sadness and rage led to multiracial, multigenrational protests across the nation and yes there was looting, destruction of both private and public property which I do not condone. Focusing on the looters and vandals misses the larger point which is that we have a criminal justice system that is systemically broken.

Witnessing a man being suffocated in broad daylight at the knee of a police officer, whose job it is to serve and protect was heart-wrenching as an African American man. Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. Since July 17th 2014, the murders of both African American men and woman at the hands of police has been steadily increasing in its public nature. George Floyd's death sparked local, national and global outrage which led many people to privately as well as publicly question there views on systemic racism and bias. This is our moment to change together and I Believe we will.

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