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Hello, Richmond District!

About Me

Andrew's story begins in Sacramento, California. He was the youngest of six siblings. His mother, Jennifer was a registered nurse for 30 years. Andrew's late father Ezra, held a law degree from McGeorge Law School in Sacramento.  Andrew's interest in politics started at a young age at the dinner table where his family would discuss topics affecting the city of Sacramento such as education, socio-economic disparities within communities of color, access to affordable healthcare, immigration, and opportunities for immigrants. His late father was also the Chief of Police of Kampala city in Uganda until the government was overthrown and his family had to escape to America in order to survive. Andrew is Ugandan-American.

Andrew went to Valley High in school in Sacramento. He was in a high school organization known as futures leaders of America, Black Student Union, and Pacific Islander Club. Which encouraged him to pursue a Bachelors's Degree in Public Policy from Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. The same college President Obama attended at the beginning of his collegiate career. Throughout college, Andrew's professors encouraged him to always speak the truth, remain socially conscience, and be informed. While Andrew was preparing for finals in his as a junior year, he was called into the dean of students' office and was told he had to pack his belongings immediately and head home to Sacramento.  When Andrew arrived in Sacramento International Airport, his older siblings broke the devastating news that their father had passed away in Uganda on a trip to visit his siblings. Andrew had to make the stuff decision whether he would go back to Uganda to lay his dad to rest or finish his senior year. Andrew did what his father would have wanted him to do and that was to finish school.

After graduating in 2003, Andrew moved back to Sacramento for a year and then moved to San Francisco to live with his brother and sister in law in the Lake District who are both attorneys and are politically active. His brother was a US attorney for the Department of Justice and sister in law worked for the ACLU.  She devoted her legal career to serving the underprivileged population of San Francisco. Their devotion to the health of their community and health of District 1 encouraged Andrew to keep learning and pursuing a career in public policy. As a young college graduate, living in San Francisco, Andrew was enamored with living in the city and exploring neighborhoods and local restaurants. This is where he met his fiance, Priya. Priya is a dedicated pre-nursing student at City College San Francisco and works as an essential worker at California Pacific Medical Center.  

In 2015, Andrew was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure which had a tremendous impact on how he viewed himself, and the broken healthcare system. During his dialysis treatments, Andrew built a relationship with other dialysis patients from the local community, the majority of whom were elderly. Some of the issues that Andrew discussed with the other patients during dialysis involved the cities inability to provide reliable public transportation to and from treatment, the cost of treatments, medications, hospital visits, and the frustrations of being on a donor list. All these issues combined plus dealing with rising housing costs and living fixed income for the elderly patients made Andrew understands how important it is to be the voice for the individuals who are unable to speak on their own behalf. Healthcare, housing, support systems, more recreational facilities, mental health, cleaner and safer neighborhoods are just some of the improvements that Andrew will focus on.

Additionally, Andrew would like to revive the Richmond district. This is where Andrew has called home for the last 15 years. Andrew firmly believes that immediate reform is needed to clean up our streets, find alternative housing and assistance for our unhoused individuals. Also, saving local businesses from shuttering due to the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping our streets safe, restoring, investing, and helping to promote diversity in K-12 public schools. Andrews's personal experience living in District 1 as a resident and as a fellow neighbor has given him perspective on what matters locally. Please join Andrews campaign for District 1 Supervisor!

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